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      Height:  6' 2"      Weight:  220      Eyes:  Blue      Hair:  Salt & Pepper
      Suit:  46L     Waist38      Collar:  17      Sleeve:  35      Shoe12 

        QUALIFICATIONS:  Because of my experiences in the World Wide Air Force
  Competition (finishing 3rd in EMCEE category two years in a row); being one-half of a
  comic/impressionist team; as well as a political candidate, educator, model, host and actor;
  I am very comfortable working under pressure, in front of a live audience and in front
  of a camera.  I am easy to work with, take direction well and thrive on challenging situations.







  1985  Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, UNLV 


  1989  Bachelor of Arts, Speech and Drama, UNLV


  1989  Teaching Certificate


  1995  Master of Science, Kinesiology, UNLV